The SUC (State Universities and Colleges) Fair held at SM Iloilo, in conjunction with the National Consortium for Small-Scale Fisheries Research and Development activities at UP Visayas – Iloilo City Campus, proved to be a significant event that showcased the diverse talents, achievements, and contributions of various academic institutions in the Philippines.

The fair, initiated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), served as a platform for participating universities and colleges to exhibit their research, projects, and programs to the public. It offered a unique opportunity for CvSU Naic and other educational institutions to connect with a broader audience and highlight their respective strengths and achievements.

CvSU Naic, being one of the participants, made a remarkable impact during the fair through its exhibit booth. Campus Administrator Prof. JNepomuceno and Research Unit Head Mr. Jomel Limbago’s presence and active engagement reflected the university’s commitment to promoting academic excellence and research-driven initiatives.

During the opening of CvSU Naic’s exhibit booth, several esteemed individuals graced the event, emphasizing its significance within the academic community. University President Dr. Hernando Robles, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Agnes Nuestro, and Director of Extension Services Dr. Almira Magcawas demonstrated their support for the university’s participation in the fair, underscoring the administration’s commitment to encouraging academic collaboration and development.

Engr. Gee Jay Bartolome’s presence at the fair represented the involvement of the RAISE (Research, Extension, and Accreditation Innovations for Socioeconomic Enhancement) Project, highlighting CvSU Naic’s dedication to research and community engagement.

Furthermore, the participation of Ms. Bernadette Amparo, Head of the Community Engagement and External Relations Division (CEERD) and Training and Courseware Development Division (TCDD), and Ms. Paula Gie Ducusin, a CEERD staff member, exemplified the university’s focus on fostering meaningful partnerships with the community and industry stakeholders.

The return visit of Prof. JNepomuceno and Mr. Jomel Limbago to the CvSU booth on June 13, 2023, indicated their dedication to further engaging with visitors and sharing the university’s ongoing initiatives and achievements.

Overall, the SUC Fair in Iloilo not only celebrated the accomplishments of CvSU Naic but also provided a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among different academic institutions. It encouraged a culture of learning and innovation, inspiring students, faculty, and visitors alike to explore new opportunities for research and development in various fields.

Such events foster a spirit of healthy competition and mutual learning among SUCs, ultimately contributing to the advancement of education and research in the Philippines. The success of the fair serves as a testament to the collective efforts of academic institutions and governmental bodies to promote excellence in education, research, and community engagement. As a result, it is expected that future editions of the SUC Fair will continue to be eagerly anticipated and well-received by the academic community and the public.

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