Cavite State University (CvSU) Naic Campus, in a proactive move towards promoting inclusivity and streamlining official documentation, played a pivotal role in the National ID Registration drive. This significant event, facilitated by the Philippine Statistics Authority, took place on September 21, 2023, at RM 104, STAR Building, and saw active participation from both students of the Laboratory Science High School and CvSU Naic employees.

The National ID Registration drive marks a vital step forward in the Philippines’ efforts to establish a unified identification system for its citizens. This system aims to provide a single, secure, and efficient means of identity verification, simplifying various transactions across public and private sectors while enhancing national security.

CvSU Naic’s involvement in this initiative underscores its commitment to serving its community in multifaceted ways. By hosting the registration event within its premises, the university not only ensured convenience for its students and employees but also demonstrated its dedication to contributing to broader national objectives.

The participation of Laboratory Science High School students further exemplifies the university’s forward-thinking approach. By involving young learners in this registration drive, CvSU Naic not only equips them with a valuable understanding of civic responsibilities but also paves the way for a generation that embraces efficient and secure identification processes.

Efforts like these align with the government’s goal of ensuring that every citizen has access to essential services and benefits. The National ID, once fully implemented, will streamline access to public services, social benefits, and financial transactions, ultimately improving the lives of Filipinos and contributing to the nation’s overall development.

Moreover, the collaborative effort between CvSU Naic and the Philippine Statistics Authority serves as a model for partnerships between educational institutions and government agencies. It highlights the role that universities can play in supporting critical national initiatives, fostering community engagement, and contributing to the greater good.

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